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Symantec Workflow

Build Out IT Automation

The Workflow framework lets you create Workflow processes that integrate Symantec tools into your organization’s unique business processes. NetX Information Systems, Inc. is an accredited Symantec Workflow Partner and has in-house specialists that can design your automation.

Automation – and “hyperautomation” – are obvious trends. It’s hard to find a company not looking at processes it can automate according to Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2020.

Workflow can be designed for any business process.

Talk to a NetX specialist about how your organization’s process’ can be automated.

  • Symantec Workflow business process automation for new hire by NetX Information Systems

    Process a new hire
    (permanent, full-time, part-time, temp, intern...)

  • Symantec workflow business process automation for termination by netx information systems

    Provide reliability in the authorization, processing, and communication
    between different departments within your organization.

  • symantec workflow business process automation for zero day patch by netx information systems
    Have pre-defined targets for your eventual
    workflow patch policies.

    • What does NetX offer for Symantec Workflow?

      Reseller of Symantec Workflow

      • Proof of Concepts

      Product Demonstrations & Webinars

      • Provided by a Master Accredited Engineer

      Proof of Concepts

      • Access “Try & Buys”

      Professional Services

      • Architecture Design and Capacity Planning
      • Installation, Implementation and Testing

      Remote & Onsite Engineer Support

      • Part-Time Contractor
      • Staff Augmentation
      • Work-As-Directed
      • Consultation

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Symantec Workflow

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