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Vistor Management

With over 15 years of experience, we provide comprehensive visitor management, identity solutions, biometric integration, and services for education, state, and local government agencies. Protect and enforce policies for Unwanted or Banned Individuals. Extend the security perimeter of your facility by implementing an AI-based facial recognition watchlist solution.

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TPASS Visitor Management System

Intuitive Interface

TPASS was designed to be easily navigated by the user and developed through input from our customers. Because of the modular design of the application, it may be customized to fit the specific needs of any organization. TPASS offers a variety of scanners to capture the information provided by passports, state-issued IDs, or employee badges.

Alert Notifications

TPASS provides the ability to send alerts to emergency personnel simply and expediently. Emergency alerts may be created for various situations with the ability to send to specified lists of recipients via SMS or email. An evacuation list may be emailed to individuals within your organization or your community.


  1. Enroll Visitors or Staff
  2. Track Check-In/Check-Out and Location
  3. Customizable Interface
  4. Optional Biometric (Facial Recognition)

Manage Profiles

  1. Enable Optional Biometric (Facial Recognition)
  2. Easily Change Status to Active or "Watch List"
  3. View History and Associated Contacts

3rd Party Integration

Import Data from existing Databases, AD or CSV.

Live Monitoring

  • Connects to existing video cameras
  • Process live streaming video against the internal "Watch List"
  • Automated email and text message alerts

Offline Monitoring

  • Import any type of video clip (including Body Camera video)
  • Analyze against existing database
  • Flag Unknown or Banned Individuals

Offline Monitoring

  • Import any type of Picture
  • Select single or multiple face(s)
  • Compare to existing Database for Possible Matches

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