NetX Migration Services - GEN3I - The Leader in Legacy Data Solutions

NetX Migration Services

  • Pioneer in Data Restoration, Migration, Remediation and Recovery
  • Complete solutions: technical staff, hardware, software, management, logistics, storage & destruction
  • Universal and purpose-built tools to solve complex data problems; strategic workflows designed to support unique requirements
  • Highly technical global team of field engineers reduce complexity and increase operational efficiency
  • Built on tools and expertise developed over decades with extensive background in Federal and State Government contracting

Service Offerings

Discovery & Litigation Support
Quickly find relevant information within data locked on backup tape.
Data & Voice Tape Restoration
Non-native restoration of any data, eMail or voice tape anywhere in the world.
Backup & Archive Migrations
Migrate legacy email archives to new archives and/or the cloud.
Retire Legacy
Eliminate the need to retain retired or legacy systems just to access data stored on tape.