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Storage Solutions

Image for Veritas Access by NetX Information Systems

Veritas Access appliance(s) allows enterprises to easily replace outdated or sub-optimal storage, including tape storage, with a simple, long-term, cost effective hardware offering that combines the Veritas Access software with pre-tested and configured hardware in an easy to consume form factor.

Featured Highlights:

  • Highly scalable software-defined storage
  • Multi-cloud capabilities
  • Veritas NetBackup integration
  • Cost effective data retention
  • Exceptional archiving integration

Image of Pure Storage by NetX Information Systems

We believe that an All-Flash datacenter is the future and that Pure Storage has emerged as an industry leader in flash storage technology.

NetX Information System, Inc. has partnered with Pure Storage to provide best-in-class, Flash data storage solutions that dramatically reduce complexity while significantly improving performance, resiliency, and efficiency.

Key benefits:

  • Significant performance increases in VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Any transaction-heavy and analytic databases such as Oracle and other business critical applications

Pure Storage has changed the game when it comes to storage refresh cycles. With Pure’s Evergreen Storage program, typical 3 to 5 year refresh cycles are eliminated. With Evergreen Storage, Pure customers receive the latest processors and controllers for free with every 3 year maintenance renewal!

Please contact us to learn more about this exciting and paradigm shifting technology.

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