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Archiving and Governance

Archving and Governance Solutions from Net X Information Systems, Inc

NetX provides solutions that enable organizations to easily manage their data and uncover valuable information. We understand that legal, compliance, and IT stakeholders each have unique concerns when it comes to archiving and eDiscovery.

Our Archiving Solutions centered around Veritas’ Enterprise Vault, the industry leading product for file archiving and email archiving, enable you to implement an eDiscovery platform that will meet all stakeholder requirements. These file archiving solutions enable IT and other critical business units within your organization to search, discover, and place a legal hold on specific content more efficiently.

Our set of Veritas archiving solutions along the information governance framework enable you to generate real-time insight into your organization’s information while providing intelligence about what to protect and what is valuable, versus what is worthless. Engineered utilizing Veritas’ Data Insight, NetX solutions save you both time and money by enabling you to easily classify your data and find what you need when you need it. This can significantly mitigate legal and compliance costs! Our ability to integrate archiving, eDiscovery, and data management solutions will help you increase productivity, reduce operational expenditures, and achieve legal and regulatory compliance. Let NetX help you mitigate your risk exposure and reclaim the value of your information!

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