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How threats and vulnerabilities originating in the personal digital lives of your corporate executives, Board Members, and high-profile employees add new risks to your organization that can lead to lost revenue, decreased productivity, disruption of business continuity and more.

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BlackCloak researchers aggregated and anonymized home network, personal device, and online privacy data from over 1,000 members prior to their onboarding. The individuals are members of the C-Suite and Board, or are high-profile executives at more than 55 US-based Fortune 1000s, with roles spanning CEO, finance, legal, operations, sales, R&D, engineering, IT, and other positions of prominence and great responsibility.

Home network security is an afterthought

The connected home is a prime target for cybercriminals. But few executives or CISOs realize the threat. BlackCloak research has found that nearly a quarter of executives have open ports on their home network public IP (Internet Protocol) address.

This is an unusual setup, as open ports are not typically accessible in standard home environments. These ports are often devices setup by third party solution providers for home theater and automation, internet accessible security cameras, networking devices like routers, firewalls and VPNs, and other IoT uses. Oftentimes they are misconfigured or running out of date firmware and have multiple vulnerabilities.

This open port prevalence expands the opportunity for threat actors to target your company by compromising the home network. After all, it is infinitely easier to breach an open port on a home network and move laterally into an organization than it is to compromise a corporate network protected by multiple layers of security controls.

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