Veritas NetBackup Upgrade Assessment


Evaluate the Health of an Existing NetBackup Environment

Veritas NetBackup Upgrade Assessment

Stay up-to-date and get the most out of your backup infrastructure!

As data centers evolve and IT challenges increase, maintaining backup windows and timely recovery becomes increasingly difficult. Veritas NetBackup evolves with the data center offering more options and greater flexibility to meet the increasing demands. NetBackup has been released to General Availability for Enterprise Server and NetBackup appliances. The new features of NetBackup provide an even more efficient use of backup resources and reduce the level of effort required to maintain RPO and RTO objectives. Recognizing these benefits, NetX has developed a comprehensive NetBackup assessment service that evaluates the health of an existing NetBackup environment and also includes an upgrade path to NetBackup. Additionally, the NetBackup Upgrade Assessment will detail the key features of NetBackup providing the most benefit.

Compelling reasons to upgrade

  • New User Interface – Improved performance; one installation of the Java GUI will work for all versions of NetBackup
  • MSSQL Intelligent Policies – Simplified management of MSSQL backups eliminating the need for managing batch files
  • Hyper-V Intelligent Policies – Simplified management of Hyper-V backups; backups follow virtual machines throughout the cluster
  • vCenter Web-Client Plugin – Initiate VM recovery through vCenter; view status of vSphere backups in vCenter
  • VMware Tags – Configure backup queries based on customized VMware tags
  • More Cloud Vendors – Expanded providers for backup and recovery to the cloud, including Google Nearline, Hitachi and Verizon
  • Faster Data Transfer with Amazon S3 – Amazon S3 as a standard cloud storage API; parallel connections; multiple storage servers targeting the same cloud storage
  • Accelerator for NDMP – Block-level incremental backups for NDMP; drastically reduce NDMP backup times
  • Copilot for Oracle – Much simpler Oracle backups; collaboration between backup admins and DBAs; Accelerator for Oracle to backup only changed blocks; integration with RMAN recovery catalog
  • Support for Exchange 2016 – Day 1 support for Exchange 2016 backups

What is included in the backup service?

  • Discovery – Mapping and inventorying the environment; documenting RPO, RTO, retention policies, off-site storage and other backup requirements
  • Appliance/Server Evaluation – Assessment of the overall performance of the platform Veritas NetBackup is running on; examination of logs and error reports; auditing SLP backlog
  • Policy and Schedule Evaluation – Analysis of policy and schedule configuration as they relate to RPO and RTO
  • Performance Evaluation – Measure backup and restore performance and compare data points to common industry achievement
  • Recovery Plan Overview – Review recovery methods and procedures; advise on industry standards and best practices
  • Enhancement Consultation – Provide and explanation and review of beneficial features in the current NetBackup version as well as new features in NetBackup that are not being used
  • Upgrade Path – Identify the safest method of upgrading the NetBackup environment and document any compatibility problems or upgrade requirements
  • Summarization – Provide a document summarizing the activity and results of the assessment including and upgrade path and risk analysis
  • Knowledge Transfer – Overview of the assessment findings, remediation of any problems, recommended enhancements and upgrade path

What does NetX offer for Veritas NetBackup Upgrade Assessment?

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Veritas NetBackup Upgrade Assessment

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