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Veritas Alta Surveillance with NetX

Today’s regulatory climate has created new compliance challenges for organizations of all sizes. Communications have become increasingly
fragmented, and it is no longer enough to simply monitor email. Other sources, such as chat, might also be subject to monitoring to meet regulations. As the volume of regulated communication grows, so does the challenge of meeting compliance requirements.

Key Benefits

  • New, intuitive user interface provides:
    • Navigation workflow to direct reviewers to the most relevant content quickly
    • Review status details
    • Refinement of review sets based on all metadata, including classification policies, hot words, and hot word sets
  • Addresses increasing content retention and supervisory requirements from regulations such as SEC, FINRA, MiFID II, SarbanesOxley, IIROC, ESMA, ESA and SESC
  • Offers the option to use Veritas AltaTM Classification to filter noise and ensure the most relevant content is included in the sample set
  • Supervise massive global environments and monitor entire departments and subdepartments
  • Ability to assign and monitor teams of reviewers
  • Review files and collaboration tools in a multi-faceted, sortable interface
  • Intensive classification abilities with over 250 policies and 1,100+ pre-built patterns that automatically identify Personal Data, Health, Financial, Government, and internationally regulated data (
  • Leverage multiple search and sample mechanisms to capture content based on differing variables

Data Protection
Cloud-native data protection for enterprise-scale workloads.

Recovery Vault
Fully managed, cloud-based data retention.

SaaS Protection
Multi-layered data protection for SaaS applications.

Data capture and collection from 120+ sources.

Cloud-based data archive and data retention.

End-to-end eDiscovery as a service in the cloud.

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Optimized cloud storage for business-critical applications.

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Veritas Alta Surveillance with NetX

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