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Veritas Alta eDiscovery with NetX

Veritas Alta eDiscovery is a cloud-based, end-to-end eDiscovery solution that enables organizations to collect, review and produce electronically stored information for your organization’s legal and investigation needs. This SaaS eDiscovery software is a standalone offering, or can be paired with the Veritas Alta™’ Archiving solution for your discovery and compliance needs. Veritas Alta eDiscovery provides a complete discovery solution in one step: defensible collection of your organization’s relevant content sources, purpose-built review of all types of data, and efficient production of your relevant documents.

New brand elevating eDiscovery

Veritas Alta focuses our cloud marketing, messaging, and cloud-native product architectures. Alta eDiscovery will continue to empower enterprises to allow customers to capture everything, archive anywhere, and discover what matters to them.

Are you Prepared for a Discovery Request?

Motions to discover electronic data are commonplace in today’s world of litigation; yet, more often than not, organizations are
unprepared to find electronically stored information (ESI), including emails, attachments, loose files, and workspace collaboration data.
And eDiscovery is no longer only for litigation: privacy requests, FOIA requests and internal investigations leverage the same process
that organizations need to comply with.

Veritas Alta eDiscovery supports cross-functional collaboration on matters and investigations so that your internal and external legal
teams, IT, HR, and other organizational stakeholders can work more efficiently together. Our solution provides these professionals with
the built-in tools they need to quickly locate their intended dataset, including real-time iterative search capabilities, built-in collaborative eDiscovery workflow, and flexible SaaS export options.

Data Protection
Cloud-native data protection for enterprise-scale workloads.

Recovery Vault
Fully managed, cloud-based data retention.

SaaS Protection
Multi-layered data protection for SaaS applications.

Data capture and collection from 120+ sources.

Cloud-based data archive and data retention.

Automated, cloud-based regulatory compliance.

Shared Storage
Optimized cloud storage for business-critical applications.

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Veritas Alta eDiscovery with NetX

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