9 Logical Ways to Begin Securing Your Data

Let’s start with a basic premise.

When you don’t want something to be accessed you make it secure and prevent access. Right? Whether in the physical world or in the cyber world, it pays to be diligent on the upkeep of protection. Regular up-to-date checks. Lock it up! Lock it up! Lock it up! Here are 9 Logical Ways to Begin Securing Your Data.

You wouldn’t believe the number of organizations who still haven’t updated their operating systems (patches) even after seeing what’s going on with WannaCry and the recent Petya ransomware viruses.

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Here are some of the affected countries: US, UK, Ukraine, India, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, and others.

Companies today are still naive in thinking their software and data are secure. Sticking with the status quo believing their systems will never get attacked is a great way to get breached. The ransomware asks them to send a payment to bitcoin or data will be deleted or corrupted.

Not making a budget and spending on data protection and security now, gambling will always cost way more after a breach. Never updating software or OS and never changing passwords is a big problem also. What about the constant deluge of hacker bots always hitting your website or routers or internal systems. What about a disgruntled employee? Or employees who go work for your competition? Do you think there is a chance they might want to do your organization harm? Or take company secrets and intellectual properties to their new position?

1.  Authentication, Encryption, and Passwords

Authentication, encryption, and passwords are high on the list of critical importance when preventing data breaches. Having a strong password and changing it regularly every one to two months is a start. Storing secure data in an encrypted format when kept on a server, and using secure tokens for authentication. For example, 128-bit AES encryption is used by the government to protect classified information and is implemented in software and hardware.

2.  Company Security Policy

Having a strong company security policy. A good company security policy describes plans in how to educate its employees on how to protect assets. An explanation of security measures will be enforced and carried out. Also, a way to measure its effectiveness. You don't want to be twirling your thumbs when an emergency happens. You should have a plan of action, preferably a way to isolate any breaches once it happens.

3.  Data Management Tool

Having a great data management tool where you can access information easily and keep track of everything including software updates is simply a must. Most of your IT infrastructure can be outsourced to the cloud.

Veritas 360 data management is a great tool and can carry out the task of data Protection, Availability, and Insight for your data.

4.  Trained and Certified Data Security Staff

Having trained and certified data security staff on hand is of great importance. A person on-call that can handle breaches and have a great understanding of organization Sensitive Data Protection. A specialist using FortiEDR Endpoint Protection will limit the time of support desk calls and give your security staff more time to work on other useful tasks.

5.  Training your employees In Security Awareness

Training your employees on being cautious of social engineering and hacker techniques. To be aware of email phishing. KnowB4 Security Awareness training is an excellent tool for getting your employees trained on what it takes to stay secure and do business today in this ever-changing cyber world.

6.  Keeping your Anti-spyware and virus detection up to date

Firewalls on network access. Keeping your Anti-spyware and virus detection up to date.

7.  Know who has access to your important information

Knowing who has access to your important information and has levels of access built into your protocol. Everyone shouldn’t have access to everything.

8.  Avoid opening untrusted attachments

Avoid opening attachments from emails that are from untrusted sources. Don’t click unsolicited links in work emails!

9.  Create and maintain excellent backups

Create and maintain excellent backups, in case a breach occurs you can restore your data. Veritas NetBackup is a great tool for storing and protecting an organization's information.


Hackers never stop finding ways to breach your organization's security. These are just a few ways to begin to take action in keeping your intellectual property and sensitive data safe and secure from malware, ransomware, and data breaches. NetX Information Systems has industry-leading professionals and engineers that can craft to your organization’s complete security needs using award-winning tools. So, if you need to get certified with authorized training or if you need professional services and general knowledge on how to get started.

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