Download XVUE Server

XVUE is a self-hosted website server. To use XVUE you will need:

  1. A desktop or server that is publicly accessible.
  2. To download and install XVUE on your server.

Installing XVUE

Installing XVUE on Windows couldn't be easier, simply download the executable and run it.

XVUE will automatically install the XVUE server as a Windows service. You do not need to manually start or stop the service, but can instead use the XVUE Server service to control whether the server is running.

Once complete, the installer open the server's welcome page in your browser. From here you can download the customer support application, the technician application or the remote access service.

Click the link to download and install the technician app.

Your technician app will automatically install and log you in as the XVUE Admin power user. You can then start using and configuring your XVUE server.

xvue welcome

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