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Veritas Access Appliance with NetX

Veritas Access Appliance with NetX Information Systems

Integrated Software-Defined Storage appliance. 

Long-term data retention with multi-cloud capability.

The Veritas Access Appliance allows enterprises to easily replace outdated or sub-optimal storage, including tape storage, with a simple, long-term, cost-effective, hardware offering. It combines the Veritas Access software with pre-tested and configured hardware in an easy to consume form factor.

Veritas Access Appliance is deeply integrated with Veritas NetBackup and NetBackup CloudCatalyst, providing a turnkey, cost-optimized LTR
solution for large-scale (PB) deployments where Veritas NetBackup is
the primary backup utility. Integration with CloudCatalyst deduping
capability reduces storage and media transfer costs. NetBackup’s proven, enterprise-hardened deduplication saves space, increasing storage and data transfer efficiency, improving storage efficiency and effective capacity by as much as 30x.

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Veritas Access Appliance with NetX

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