Simplify Your DLP using Symantec ICA
Information Centric Analytics

Simplify Your DLP using Symantec ICA Information Centric Analytics.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a strategic data protection solution that today’s organizations can deploy to keep their confidential data safe and compliant. Symantec DLP provides tremendous visibility and the broadest protection across data loss channels: cloud, email, web, endpoints, and storage. When a violation of corporate data policy occurs, DLP also provides detailed information including the responsible source. But manual sorting and prioritization of large volumes of security alerts could be resource intensive for DLP administrators and analysts.

Simplify DLP Policy Management

Practitioners face numerous challenges in authoring and tuning efficient DLP policies – those that identify true data incidents without overwhelming investigators with too many alerts. By integrating ICA at the outset of DLP implementation, Symantec customers will benefit from:

  • Reduced time and efforts necessary to implement effective DLP policies
  • Rapid time to value by enabling the use of out of the box DLP rule sets
  • Deploying a broader set of DLP policies to cover more potential incidents

Simplify DLP Incident Remediation

When it comes down to DLP incident remediation, practitioners may be challenged to handle an avalanche
of results generated by policies broadly applied across several data loss channels. By leveraging ICA to analyze DLP incidents, Symantec customers will benefit from:

  • Increasing the volume of processed DLP alerts with a reduced time for investigations/li>
  • ComfortablyexpandingtheirDLPpolicieswiththe existing dedicated analysts
  • Faster mitigation of DLP incidents via recommended remediation workflows

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