The Remote Work Feature

The Remote Work feature set in SimpleHelp allows you to offer your customers access to their work or home machines from a remote location. Setup is designed to be as simple as possible. Just click a switch on one or more remote access services to allow remote work. Users can then register just by entering in their email address on their work machine.

To make billing just as simple, the remote work license is separate to your normal SimpleHelp server license, and priced at a low rate of $3 per computer per month. Remote work users will no longer consume your SimpleHelp server sessions.

Offer Remote Work access to customers

Low per-user monthly cost

Simple and secure one click setup

SimpleHelp Remote Work

As Easy As 1,2,3

  1. Enable Remote Work for a PC
  2. Register the user’s email
  3. Download the app and start working


No expensive
hardware required

HelpDesk staff can monitor and assist remote workforce

No VPN required

Secure connection

Easy Setup

Low licensing cost
$3/connection per month

    SimpleHelp Remote Work Made Easy