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Veritas Risk Advisor with NetX

Contain your configuration drift

Close the gap between intended and deployed states

Given the wide range of equipment, the high pace of change, and the several diverse teams involved in today’s data centers, even the best-run environments can suffer from configuration drift: discrepancies between your intended and deployed states which can remain undetected until it is too late. These configuration gaps can be mapped to five categories of sources:

  • Cluster-related
  • Application-related
  • Operating system and hardware-related
  • Network-related
  • Storage and SAN-related

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  • Environment Assessment
  • Take Corrective Actions
  • Executive Presentation

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  • Provided by a Master Accredited Engineer

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Professional Services & Consulting

  • Architecture Design and Capacity Planning
  • Catalog Manipulation and Migration
  • Installation, Implementation and Testing
  • Health Checks and Remediation

Remote & Onsite Engineer Support

  • Part-Time Contractor
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Work-As-Directed
  • Consultation

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Veritas Risk Advisor with NetX

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