Veritas Operations Manager

Simplified Storage Management and Application Availability

Veritas Operations Manager from Symantec is a centralized operationally focused tool that enhances the management of Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Dynamic Multi-Pathing, and ApplicationHA across different application, server, virtualization, and storage platforms.

Veritas Operations Manager

Key Features

  • Simplified management for multi-vendor data centers: Monitor, manage and automate operations across the entire Symantec Storage Foundation High Availability suite. Seamlessly incorporate and manage SSDs/Flash with SmartIO and Flexible Storage Sharing that give you 3x faster application performance at 1/3rd the cost. Additionally, easily manage operations like compression, storage reclamation, host storage provisioning, volume migration, and file system auto-grow across your multi-vendor infrastructure.
  • Application to spindle visibility: Role-based user interface provides flexible visibility from the application to the spindle across physical and virtual environments, with application dashboards and detailed storage array information.
  • Automated and orchestrated application availability management: Recover enterprise and custom multi-tier applications seamlessly with orchestrated dependency mapping, fault propagation and hooks to tie in execution of custom scripts. Visualize and control these applications running on multi-vendor operating systems, clustering, and virtualization technologies.
  • Real-time risk dashboard: Risk dashboard with real time monitoring and tools to analyze and remediate issues.
  • Detailed business reporting and views: Actionable dashboards and detailed reports including storage utilization, cluster activity, availability trends, host and array side I/O performance, thin reclamation opportunities, licensing, and available updates.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized control and visibility at every level of the data center infrastructure from application to physical storage.
  • Assured service level availability for business services through proactive notification of risks for multi-tier applications running across physical and virtual infrastructure and multi-vendor storage.
  • Run book automation for single-click disaster recovery, simplifying complex tasks and server repurposing.
  • Optimized storage usage through analyzing storage allocation, subscriptions, and utilization.
  • Scale operations using consistent, automated wizards to administer file systems, volumes, multi-pathing, HA/DR and multi-tier business applications through one central console.
  • Compliance alignment with standard configurations using templates and policy checks.
  • Familiar tree-based hierarchical representation of assets and intuitive navigation model simplifies and reduces learning curve for operators.

Veritas Operations Manager

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