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Veritas InfoScale Storage with NetX

Veritas InfoScale Storage Services with NetX

Storage flexibility. Less hardware vendor dependence.

InfoScale Storage supports a diverse range of storage devices, operating systems and virtualization technologies enabling you to provision and manage storage using a single management tool independent of hardware types. We work closely with various vendors on interoperability to help ensure trouble-free operation.

Veritas InfoScale storage services by NetX

Quality of Service

Match storage performance to application requirements
SmartIO and storage tiering technologies from Veritas not only enhance storage performance and QoS but the cost-effectiveness of the overall storage environment as well.

SmartIO is especially useful for lots of small, random reads and writes, such as with a transactional database. By keeping hot data inside the server on fast solid state devices, application reads are filled up to 400 percent faster than they can be over a traditional Storage Area Network (SAN), while reducing costs by 60 percent.
Additionally, storage tiering allows less frequently accessed or lower priority data to be stored on lower grade, less expensive storage.

Veritas InfoScale storage services by NetX

Data flexibility = Data availability

Dial up your data accessibility and availability
InfoScale Storage’s Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS), Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP), and Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMWare enables data accessibility and availability across your infrastructure.

FSS uses network interconnect between nodes and enables sharing of local storage across a global namespace to provide data redundancy, high availability, and disaster recovery without the need of shared storage. It also allows logical volumes to be created out of network shared storage as well as physically shared storage within a common storage namespace.

By rerouting I/Os to other available data paths in the event of a storage path failure, DMP improves storage I/O performance and availability across heterogeneous server and storage platforms. It also automatically restores failed paths that become healthy. InfoScale Storage also provides replication, snapshotting and check-pointing capabilities to further support data availability.

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Veritas InfoScale Storage with NetX

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