Symantec (Broadcom) Training Credits


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Symantec Education Training Credits is a new flexible program for purchasing technical training. Training can now be purchased in credits redeemable for enrollment in any courses Symantec Education Services offers. Training Credits are ideal for organizations or individuals who want to purchase training credits up front and enroll when the correct course is identified.

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Symantec (Broadcom) Training Credits

How Do Symantec Training Credits Work?

Education Training Credits work like a debit card. You can purchase as many credits as you desire in a single transaction, then utilize those credits over a 12 month period for any Symantec Education Services offering including public classroom training, onsite training (private), scheduled live virtual training and certification. This simple program allows you to purchase as little or as much training as you need to meet your business and training demands.


Flexibility - Credits can be redeemed for all Education Services training offerings, including classroom, onsite, virtual training and certification.

Organization-wide Redemption - Credits can be used by anyone within your organization.

Single Transaction - by purchasing a “block” of training credits at once, you minimize purchase transactions throughout the year.

Enhanced Tracking - online tracking allows for management of credit balances and future planning around training needs.

Symantec (Broadcom) Training Credits

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