Symantec Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC

Manageability and availability for Oracle® Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases

Symantec Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC allows you to implement and manage highly available Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases. Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC is a reliable, easy-to-use storage and cluster management solution. Choose the appropriate operating system and storage hardware for your environment without compromising management capabilities. Install, configure and centrally manage all database, clustering and storage management tasks from a single console regardless of hardware platform. Increase flexibility, scalability and performance, while reducing system downtime.

Symantec Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC

Key Features

  • Scalable database performance with data integrity
  • Disaster recovery support option for Oracle RAC, including host-based replication without storage array limitations, and complete application failover across extended distances
  • Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS)
  • SmartIO
  • Easy-to-use database clones to enable data analysis and backups.
  • Off-host processing
  • I/O bottleneck reduction
  • Stretch RAC environments

Key Benefits

  • Centralize multi-node management and make RAC as easy to manage as a single-node non-RAC database.
  • Combine shared and direct-attached storage (DAS), ease SSD/ flash adoption and scale out servers to achieve near local read/write performance from/to remote disks.
  • Enable storage QoS for mission-critical applications using granular, intelligent application level caching.
  • Increase storage utilization with our integrated compression, deduplication and SmartTier technologies as well as thin provisioning and thin reclamation.
  • Provide faster recovery and minimal downtime for applications composed of multiple components running on different physical and virtual tiers, adding resilience to the private cloud.
  • Eliminate the risk of data corruption in the event of a “split brain” condition.
  • Utilize database accelerators and multiple physical paths to disks.
  • Map database objects down the storage hierarchy to the disks to identify and reduce congestion.
  • Reduce complexity by automating multi-tier application availability and disaster recovery using a single tool across platforms, physical or virtual.
  • Automatically move less frequently used data to less expensive disks, without disruption.

Symantec Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC

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