Symantec Premium AntiSpam

Add-on subscription service provides best-of-breed spam prevention

Symantec Premium AntiSpam is an add-on subscription service for Symantec's Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange, Mail Security for SMTP, and Mail Security for Domino products. Powered by Brightmail technology and backed by Symantec Global Intelligence Network, this multi-layered spam prevention service leverages multiple filtering technologies to provide a spam detection rate of 99 percent and a 99.9999 percent accuracy rate against false positives.

Symantec Premium AntiSpam

Key Features

  • Easily enabled by simply adding a license key to Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange, Mail Security for SMTP, or Mail Security for Domino.
  • Catches spam with a 99 percent effectiveness rate.
  • Prevents false positives with a 99.9999 percent accuracy rate (less than 1 false positive in every million messages).
  • Continuous automatic spam filter updates, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key Benefits

  • Requires no new installation of software or hardware - nor any additional IT administration or tuning once enabled.
  • Automatically detects spam without requiring manual adjustment of filtering rules or monitoring of false positives.
  • Provides flexible administrative settings for handling spam.
  • Offers antifraud filters to protect against phishing and email fraud.

Symantec Premium AntiSpam

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