Mixing it Up with Veritas Alta and NetX

A great time was had by all at the Mixing it Up with Veritas Alta and NetX event. Terrific conversations about Veritas Alta and Mixology. Thank you to everyone who joined us!


We learned more about the industry's most comprehensive cloud data management platform Veritas Alta, and using it to take control of all your data protection, application resiliency, and compliance in the cloud.


  • Cloud – How to optimize data and apps for always-on availability and maximize protection across all cloud models.
  • Ransomware – Neutralize the impact of cyber-attacks and strengthen your resilience with a proactive, multi-layered strategy.
  • Immutability – Preventing Ransomware and Viruses from impacting the integrity of your Protected data.
  • Compliance – Simplify data governance and streamline regulatory compliance with a suite of specialized capabilities.
  • How ransomware attacks on cloud data are experienced by most organizations.
  • Organizations using Cloud Service Provider (CSP) tools for data protection experience data loss.
  • Why do customers need more than basic protection with the high risk of ransomware attacks?

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Veritas Alta

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