Managed Altiris Service

icon-managed-altiris-serviceKeeping an enterprise-wide endpoint management system running smoothly takes thorough maintenance and attention to detail. Free up time and resources by utilizing NetX Engineers to maintain your installation and keep it running smoothly, so your company can keep performing at its finest.

As with any Enterprise Class system, the Symantec Management Platform requires administration and maintenance to keep the system running at peak performance. NetX’s Managed Altiris Service for the Symantec Management Platform is designed to provide you the same expert service as an in-house Administrator at a fraction of the cost. Our team of Master Accredited Engineers will
proactively Monitor, Maintain and Support the Client, Server, and Asset Management Suite solutions allowing your organization to utilize all of the benefits of a best-of=breed Endpoint Management platform.

The NetX Managed Altiris Service plan allows Customers to free up valuable time by leveraging NetX’s Master Accredited Engineers to provide the daily Administration of your Endpoint Management Platform.