Learn how to disarm data-damaging threats.

Veritas NetBackupTM has been the gold standard in data protection for nearly three decades. As a market share leader in backup and recovery, it can support any landscape.

Prepare for the Future

"I can’t protect new technologies with my current solution."

"I have difficulties migrating data to and between clouds."

"I need public or hybrid cloud support."

If you or someone on your team has ever said or thought statements like these, this would be a great use case for you to explore.

Thirty years of innovation. Not a moment too soon.

Standing ready for the future is easier said than done. Luckily, NetBackup is the product of continuous innovation through every technology shift of the past decades. That’s a lot of experience that puts you in a position to seize opportunity and outpace the competition.

Set trends. Don’t follow them.

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to move you ahead.


Manage Business Risk

"I'm not prepared to quickly respond to ransomware or other malicious attacks."

"I'm not confident my organization is fully compliant with industry regulations."

"We need more reliable security."

If you or someone on your team has ever expressed thoughts like these, this would be a valuable use case to explore.

Take on the threat of ransomware with confidence.

NetBackup helps ensure rapid recovery from catastrophic events, be it lost files, data center down or ransomware attacks. From backups appliances to cloud storage, NetBackup integrates at every point in the technology stack to support certain, strategic recovery from disaster.

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NetBackup: Your reliable sidekick in the fight against cybercriminals.

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Lower Cost & Complexity

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"I need to lower TCO."

"he costs of deploying, maintaining and upgrading architectures are unpredictable."

"We’ve deployed point products everywhere, so it’s difficult to manage, control and report on decentralized components."

if you or someone on your team has ever said or thought statements like these, this would be a great use case for you to explore.

NetBackup can lower TCO by 40%.

Featuring high performance, intelligent automation and centralized managenebt, NetBackup is a unified data protection platform that protects any workload at scale, eliminating the need for disjointed point products. It's a single solution to protect all your data assets that supports virtually every popular server, storage, hypervisor, database, application and cloud platform used in the enterprise today.

Complex and expensive stop here.

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Go Virtual

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"I need to protect hundreds of thousands of VMs with incremental backups and consistent performance."

"I want to instantly access VMware file data on any file system without an agent."

"I want to automate VM protection with set-and-forget intelligent policies."

If you or someone on your team has ever said or thought statements like these, this would be a great use case for you to explore.

Designed with VMware, for VMware.

NetBackup integrates with leading hypervisors to provide scalable protection and granular recovery for all your virtual environments. Back up without agents at the image level and get granular restores at the VM, file, folder and VMDK level.

Go virtual with NetBackup and get:

Automated, intelligent policies that automatically discover, classify and protect any VM
Accelerated performance up to 100x with incremental forever backups
Instant recovery for multiple VMs from backup storage when time matters
Convenient, self-service backup and restores for VM admins via a modern user interface
Protection and recovery for VMware Cloud Foundation and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
It Works.

Just ask 87% of the Global Fortune 500.

Protection. Simplicity. Expertise. Flexibility. Innovation. Veritas NetBackup gives you all of these and more. No wonder modern enterprises across multiple industries trust it to deliver market-leading backup and recovery.