Kace Integration with SimpleHelp

KACE & SimpleHelp Integration

KACE Remote Control Support via SimpleHelp

We are excited to announce NetX Information Systems, Inc. Technical Alliance Partnership with Quest KACE.

In conjunction with the release of the KACE System Management Appliance (SMA) version 10.0, new KACE customers can now receive five free licenses of SimpleHelp’s Business Edition remote control and monitoring software for 6-months. SimpleHelp bundled as a built-in Machine Action as part of the KACE Systems Management is an easy and cost-effective way to enhance customers with remote support options.

NetX is the authorized global distributor for the SimpleHelp Suite of products. We provide pre-sales, demonstrations, web, email, and phone-based technical support. As part of this offering, installation and training are included, at no additional cost. We can have your system up and running in hours, fully deployed, and your staff trained.

Quest KACE remote support integration advantages:

Device Monitoring:
  • CPU and memory utilization allow you to easily see what resources are being used.
  • Continuously updating screenshots help keep track of remote machines without starting a session.
  • Identify processes utilizing the most CPU to find out which applications are making your customers wait.
  • Disk space across multiple drives helps identify when a disk is running low on disk space.
Support Remote Users:
  • Multiple simultaneous remote sessions allow you to connect to multiple users at the same time.
  • Virtual queues of users let you specify which users a technician is able to view and support.
  • Transfer a session to a colleague to both support the same user.
  • Create technician groups to simplify management of many technicians.
  • Session recording, history and advanced logging allow you get historical support related information.
  • Multi-language, multi-locale support.
  • Fetch and modify remote files and folders without a starting session.

Agent Deployment Scripts:

To deploy the SimpleHelp agent from the SMA go to: https://support.quest.com/kace-systems-management-appliance/kb/309382/remote-control-support-via-simplehelp to obtain scripts and instructions.