Defending against Ransomware with Veritas

YOU'RE INVITED to an exclusive virtual webinar event! Join NetX for an informative session on Veritas’ proven, modern, and integrated platform about Ransomware, Veritas Flex, and NetBackup.

One of the hallmarks of enterprise IT is its heterogeneity. With data spread across cloud, virtual, physical, as well as new and legacy workloads, many IT leaders are left wondering if their data is fully protected. As a result, these rapidly-changing, multi/hybrid-cloud environments demand a new approach that will protect the enterprise from the unforeseen or unknown.

Join us on July 13th at 2 PM EST as we present a Ransomware 101 session and how to protect and or recover from attacks with VERITAS!

1. Ransomware 101

  • What is Ransomware?
  • Recent Notable Ransomware Attacks.
  • Recent Ransomware Attack Mitigated by NetX.
  • How can I Protect My Network?


  • Immutable storage and fast deployment with Veritas Flex Appliances.
  • Fast recovery with NetBackup Instant Access.
  • Anomaly Detection.
  • NetBackup Core Security.
  • Data Intelligence with Veritas Data Insight.


Post-webinar all attendees will receive a $25 eGift Card for American Express.

Speaker 1
Antwune Gray
Antwune Gray
VP – Technical Operations
NetX Information Systems Inc.
Phone: 609-298-9118 x 155
Eastern Time Zone
Speaker 2
Christian Mumma
Christian Mumma
Director of Infrastructure Services
NetX Information Systems, Inc
Phone: 813-421-5623
Tuesday, July 13th at 2 PM EST hosted by Veritas & NetX