Cyber Security for Leaders eBook

The eBook Guide to Building a Culture
of Cyber Readiness

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Building a Culture of Cyber Readiness

As we look into an uncertain 2022, one thing remains clear — cyber threats are growing stronger and more complex every day. Organizations are under pressure, especially with what's present in current news. They will need to remain vigilant with regard to protecting their sensitive data and workforce. Part of the learning process is what to do when a crisis happens. The Cyber Security for Leaders eBook is a great reference tool to start.

Our experienced professionals have used CISA guidelines to put together steps in helping you build a culture of cyber readiness. It's the key to having better sleep at night. Having a plan and knowing what to do will help you stay secure and ahead of cyber threats. The eBook covers:

  • Cyber Approach
  • Cyber Essentials
  • Your Staff
  • Your Systems
  • Patching
  • Data Protection
  • Crisis Response