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Simplifying DLP Policy Management and
Incident Remediation using Symantec ICA

Learn how to simplify policy management and incident remediation using Information Centric Analytics (ICA) with DLP.

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Symantec DLP provides tremendous visibility and the broadest protection across data loss channels: cloud, email, web, endpoints, and storage. But manual sorting and prioritization of large volumes of security alerts could be resource intensive for DLP administrators and analysts.

ICA integrates directly with DLP to help security teams analyze large amounts of alerts and provides an analytic tool to simplify processes.

ICA simplifies incident remediation, letting a single click adding multiple incidents to training, investigation, or escalation workflows.

What are the key benefits?

  • Increased volume of processed DLP alerts with a reduced time for investigations
  • Comfortably expanding DLP policies with the existing dedicated analysts
  • Faster mitigation of DLP incidents via recommended remediation workflow

Who should watch:

DLP consumers, DLP administrators, DLP analyst, CISO, IT Security Team, Director of IT and those responsible for DLP.