icon-remote-supportAn enterprise-wide IT environment is a complex and demanding network, and maintenance needs to be made quickly and thoroughly at as little cost as possible. NetX Master Accredited Engineers are able to connect to your infrastructure remotely. and fine tune your installation to fix errors and improve performance.

It pays to have professional engineering services available for your company, but it's not always cost effective to have to fly out an engineer to do the work. Consider NetX Remote Services as a way to employ the skills and expertise of our engineers while saving time and travel costs. NetX Remote Services provides the same level of professional service without sending an engineer to your location.

NetX remote services are available to customers of all sizes, and have the same effectiveness as having a Master Certified Engineer on-site. Whether you require a small tweaks and adjustments or a complete solution overhaul or upgrade, our team is available to improve your installation, instruct your IT department, and help you get the most out of your Altiris investment.