Veritas NetBackup with NetX

Veritas NetBackup with NetX

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Veritas NetBackup with NetX

Veritas NetBackup™ 10.1 is the industry’s first cloud-optimized, at-scale data protection solution that protects and manages data on-premises, in the cloud, and in cloud-native SaaS applications. NetBackup 10 radically simplifies data protection, streamlines cyber resiliency, and advances visibility and insights into data from the edge to the core to the cloud.

Why upgrade to the latest release of NetBackup?

NetBackup 10.2 key improvements
Improved Web UI features

  • Able to select multiple policies for a manual backup
  • Able to browse the storage location when you create the MSDP storage server.
  • Able to start and stop the NetBackup process from the Activity Monitor
  • Deploy EEB from the WebUI – under the deployment management tab
  • Improved configuration capability with Veritas Alta Vault in Azure and Azure Government

Other Improvements
Improved Rest APIs

  • Improved Licensing support for multiple workloads like Hyper-V, FlashBackup, Lotus Notes, MS SharePoint, and Veritas EV. Sybase, Informix, DB2m SAP HANA, MaxDB, and Oracle
  • Improved support for Oracle CoPilot with multiple Universal Shares
  • Improved Snapshot Manager support for using Azure recovery points see Post-upgrade tasks” section of the NetBackup™ Snapshot Manager Install and Upgrade Guide (
  • Adoption of RHEL and Oracle 9.0 as Primary and Media servers
  • Adoption of supportability for Azure Stack hub 2206 and MariaDB 10. On RHEL 9.0
  • previous 10.x release improvements...
    • FIPS 140-2‒ compliant
    • Isolated Recovery Environment (IRE)
    • Immutable Object Lock storage support
    • Malware detection integration
    • Malware scan automatic pausing of backup activities
    • Malware scan Virtual Machines
    • Security/Early Warning systems (SIEM/SOAR)
    • Instant Access on MSDP based on Object Storage
    • CPaaS Use Managed Identity IAM-Based Azure Plugins
    • Multi-tier backup copies
    • Backup and Recovery support for PaaS workloads
    • PostgreSQL Self Service & MySQL Self Service
    • Azure SQL PaaS workloads
    • Support for AWS PrivateLink with MSDP-C
    • Cloud Region Resiliency for AWS
    • Resiliency Platform marketplace install for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • Multi-volume snapshot support
    • Accelerator backup from snapshot
    • Cassandra database support
    • Kubernetes Duplication of Backup Copy and AIR Support

New Install or Upgrade Considerations
The new addition to NetBackup adds a Scale-out Relational Database to the database solution

  • New user needed for the Database user for Netbackup 10.2 and higher

Requirements and need for database user with release 10.2 (or higher) (
Net Connection pooler on port 13787
See “How to Plan for an Upgrade to NetBackup 10.2” NetBackup™ Upgrade Guide (

Terminology or Command Changes
As Veritas continues to update its terminology, the deprecated terms and the new terms may be used interchangeably.

NetBackup™ Release Notes ( Terminology updates

Multi-Cloud Optimized

NetBackup brings insights and intelligence to cloud and data management. Using automated and intelligent policies and elastic services, NetBackup 10.1 delivers enhanced protection and simplified operations across expanded workloads including traditional, platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and container-based applications. It provides secure, resilient, orchestrated delivery of intelligent, event-driven workload protection at the edge, on-premises, and in the cloud, reducing data protection gaps by minimizing human error and time-consuming administrative tasks with new capabilities:

  • Integrated SaaS application data protection
  • Integrated multi-cloud analytics and insights
  • Kubernetes multi-cloud recovery
  • Subscription licensing
  • Cloud scale technology
  • Enhanced cyber-resiliency

Veritas NetBackup 10.x Delivering a more cost-effective,
secure, and sustainable cloud.

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What does NetX offer for Veritas NetBackup?

Reseller of Veritas NetBackup

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  • Environment Assessment
  • Take Corrective Actions
  • Executive Presentation

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  • NetBackup Appliance “Try & Buys”

Professional Services

  • Deployment
  • Optimization
  • Architecture Design/Redesign and Capacity Planning
  • Catalog Manipulation and Migration
  • Installation, Implementation and Testing
  • Health Checks and Remediation

Remote & Onsite Engineer Support

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  • Staff Augmentation
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  • Consultation

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Veritas NetBackup with NetX

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