Symantec Web

Prevents Web-based threats from infecting your network

Symantec Web helps protect your organization from Web-borne threats and enables the control, monitoring and enforcement of Web Acceptable Use Policies with minimal latency. Automatically updated anti-malware layers block threats safely away from your network while URL filtering policies and Web traffic quota limits reduce Web misuse and help protect your bandwidth.

Symantec Web

Key Features

  • Blocks Web-borne malware and spyware including 100% of known viruses
    Multiple analysis engines scan all Web requests in real time. Skeptic heuristic analysis detects emerging and zero day threats.
  • Define and enforce granular Web usage policy
    Fully customizable policy creation for websites, website categories and file types. Rules can be based on users, time of day and Internet usage consumption.
  • Customizable control of data leaving the network via the web
    Data protection policy helps to ensure that confidential and personal data does not leave the network via the web, whether inadvertently or with malicious intent.
  • Consistent policy and security for all users regardless of location
    Support for roaming and remote users ensures security levels are maintained for all users when they are working away from the corporate network.
  • Dependable service from the cloud
    More than a decade has been spent delivering and continuously developing a highly accurate, effective cloud service for securing and managing your web access. Backed by a comprehensive and meaningful service level agreement and supported by a global team of security experts available and accessible 24/7.

Key Benefits

  • Prevents Web-based threats from infecting your network.
  • Ensures all Web content (including PDFs and media files) is free from malicious code before it is delivered to users.
  • Defends against the loss of confidential data and helps enforce regulatory compliance.
  • Boosts user productivity, ensures compliance, and saves bandwidth by blocking users from visiting inappropriate websites or downloading media files.
  • Restricts access to certain websites during specific hours and helps protect bandwidth and productivity by placing time and volume limits on Internet use.
  • Provides data on malware protection and applies usage policy to users outside the corporate network.
  • Visibility into data on service performance, Web threats and current Web usage statistics.
  • Eliminates unnecessary investment in infrastructure, reduces burden on in-house IT resources, and delivers predictable costs.
  • Provides access to a dedicated team of SaaS specialists who understand the importance of service excellence.

Symantec Web

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