Symantec (Broadcom) Web Isolation


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Symantec (Broadcom) Web Isolation

Prevent malware and phishing threats with Symantec Web Isolation
Symantec Web Isolation executes web sessions away from endpoints, sending only safe rendering information to users’ browsers thereby preventing any website delivered zero-day malware from reaching your devices. When combined with Symantec Secure Web Gateways, policies allow isolating traffic from uncategorized sites or URLs with suspicious or potentially unsafe risk profiles.

Key Features

  • Give Employees Access to Uncategorized and Risky Sites
  • Give Privileged Users Additional Protection From Web-Based Threats
  • Defeat Phishing Attacks by Rendering Email Links Harmless
  • Prevent Ransomware by Isolating URLs With Potentially Unsafe Risk Profiles
  • Protect Sensitive Networks and Critical Infrastructure Systems by Creating "Air-Gapped" Networks

What does NetX offer for Symantec Web Isolation?

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Risk Assessments

  • 30-Days of Data Monitoring
  • Scan File Shares
  • Executive Presentation

Product Demonstrations & Webinars

  • Provided by a Master Accredited Engineer

Proof of Concepts

  • 1 or 4-Week Trial with Executive Presentation

Professional Services

  • Development of Web Isolation Corporate Policies
  • Installation, Implementation and Testing
  • Health Checks and Remediation

Remote & Onsite Engineer Support

  • Part-Time Contractor
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Work-As-Directed
  • Consultation

Symantec Education Services - Authorized Training Partner

  • Symantec Web Isolation Training Courses and Knowledge Transfer

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Symantec (Broadcom) Web Isolation

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