Symantec SymEd Solution

It is an exciting time in education because of the Symantec SymEd Solution

Technology is drastically changing the learning process for all involved. Teachers are leveraging technology for initiatives such as online classes and digital textbooks. Students are using their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to conduct research, take tests, and collaborate on assignments via social media platforms. The schools’ curriculum directors, IT administrators, and faculty are tasked with enabling this new era in learning.

Symantec SymEd Solution

To support academia’s challenges around the plethora of opportunities and options provided by technological advancements in education, Symantec has developed the SymEd solution. SymEd offers three solution options that provide immediate cost savings through a new licensing program based on Full Time Employees (FTE) rather than per device models. In addition to cost savings through licensing and reduced infrastructure and operational costs, these packages include increased management and security solutions around mobility and confidential information, regardless of how information is accessed.

SymEd Solution Packages

Secure Secure Plus Advanced Total Management
Protection Suite Enterprise Edition
Mobile Management
Ghost Solution Suite
Deployment Solution
Client Management Suite
Workspace Streaming
IT Management Suite

Highlights of Symantec SymEd Solution

  • Centralized standards to allow institutions to automate the deployment, security, and management of devices with central management.
  • Secure e-Learning environment for physical, virtual, and cloud platforms.
  • Support for multiple operating systems including Windows®, MAC OS™, iOS™, Android®, Linux™ and others.
  • Critical data protection with advanced local backup and recovery for Windows desktops and laptops.
  • Simplified method to ensure license compliance across the institution.
  • Reduced infrastructure and operational costs with a comprehensive centralized management platform.

SymEd is only available in the United States at this time.

Symantec SymEd Solution

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