Symantec Client Management Suite powered by Altiris technology

IT flexibility. User freedom

Symantec Client Management Suite 8.0 powered by Altiris™ technology deploys, manages, secures and troubleshoots systems, including desktops, laptops, and Macs throughout their entire IT lifecycle. Organizations can manage more technologies with greater efficiency, on more platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and virtual desktop environments.

Symantec Client Management Suite powered by Altiris technology

Key Features

Cross platform support

  • Heterogeneous management across Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX®, and virtual platforms.
Boundaryless management

  • Securely manage remote users regardless of location or how often they connect to the corporate network.
Centralized management for greater control

  • Provides a global view of IT combined with the ability to model organizational responsibilities.
Standardized systems drive consistency

  • Improves service and minimizes installation issues by building out standardized system deployment and migration processes.
Streamlined software management simplifies compliance

  • Enables organizations to be more intelligent when it comes to software delivery, software license management, and compliance with software management policies.
Managed change using best practices

  • Quickly responds to end user needs while proactively heading off problems before they impact the entire organization.
Understanding what you have and where it is

  • Gets started on the right path with network discovery and inventory tools that provide real-time access to what’s in your environment.
Measured and improved IT performance

  • Easily creates advanced analytics and reporting that allow you to explore data and answer standard and ad hoc scenarios.
Automated IT processes

  • Defines, designs, and delivers automated IT processes and workflows that drive improved efficiency, increased end user satisfaction and better service levels.
Enabled end user self-service

  • Empowers the end user to quickly access IT support and initiate their own service requests, resulting in significant IT efficiency gains.

Virtualize and stream applications

  • Simplify application packaging and delivery, reduce application conflicts, and run incompatible applications at the same time.

Key Benefits

  • Implement a single management framework for distributed, heterogeneous client environments
  • Manage change with confidence by driving predictable and repeatable day-to-day operations
  • Make smarter, faster decisions based on real-time, data-driven conclusions
  • Drive innovation by automating common IT processes and adopting new technologies without adding new tools, people or methodologies

Symantec Client Management Suite powered by Altiris technology

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