Symantec Advanced Threat Protection: Network

Better Detection, Faster Response, Lower Operating Expenditure

A control point module of the Symantec Advanced Threat Protection platform, Symantec Advanced Threat Protection: Network provides automated threat analysis at the network for rapid detection and accurate prioritization of security events through correlation with endpoints and email, reducing the volume of security alerts and prioritizing the most significant threats.

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection: Network

The Symantec Advanced Threat Protection: Network appliance has multiple proven Symantec technologies on-box, including Symantec Insight, Mobile Insight, and Symantec Vantage, designed to block (when deployed inline) and detect (when deployed in test access point – TAP – mode) threats. Additional protection technologies provided by the appliance include Symantec antivirus and IP, URL, and Domain blacklists generated by the Symantec Global Intelligence Network.

Unknown files, meaning those that are not recognized by Symantec as having a good or bad reputation, are automatically analyzed by Symantec Cynic, a cloud-based service that detects unknown malware and advanced threats by executing content in virtual and bare-metal sandbox environments.
 All detection and network threat protection events are sent to Symantec Synapse, which correlates this data with security events from Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec™ Email This correlation across network, email, and endpoint is performed on-box and allows Synapse to match threats with specific detection events across these control points, to remove false positives, reduce the importance of already resolved incidents and prioritize those that are still at large.

Features & Benefits

  • Symantec Advanced Threat Protection addresses the growing need to protect, detect and respond to advanced threats.
  • Provides improved security with Cynic, detecting even the most complex threats which are designed to evade the virtualized sandbox environments commonly used to inspect files for malware.
  • Offers faster time to remediation with reduced time to detect threats.
  • Enables fast and informed incident resolution with detailed threat intelligence and behavioral details from across multiple control points.
  • Save time and effort by only investigating detection events that require the attention and intervention of security operations.

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection: Network

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