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“What a year we are having, and we listened” As we move forward, ransomware remediation is at the top of our customer concerns. We worked closely with organizations in developing the best security policies and courses of action in securing/protecting their most sensitive data. With proven results and a history of success, NetX builds customer loyalty.

Since 1997, NetX Information Systems remains a leader in customer service and an innovator in approaching the challenges IT departments are faced with today. Our engineers and instructors prioritize satisfaction in all services and authorized training.

NetX can assist your organization with Proof of Concepts, Health Checks and Assessments, Professional Services, and D3P Compliance certification.

We like to thank Veritas for the Award for Top Partner Customer Loyalty.

NetX continued excellence in Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty keeps us leading the field as one of the top goto companies in Cybersecurity, NetBackup, Data Management, and Authorized Training.

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