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NetX Recovers a Large Utility Agency from Ransomware Attack

NetX using Veritas technology recovers tier 1 VMware virtual machines in minutes thwarting Ransomware attack.

LAMBERTVILLE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, June 3rd, 2021 / -- Lambertville, New Jersey – May 5th, 2021 – As Ransomware attacks become more prevalent organizations need to be prepared for the “when” not “if” scenario of an attack. 

Recently a large utility agency suffered from a Ransomware attack encrypting their VMware guests. NetX Information Systems, Inc. had previously implemented the Veritas NetBackup solution which allowed instant recovery of the VMware Tier 1 application servers.  The customer was not affected by the attack and was fully back up and running the same day.

Data loss and downtime are disastrous, and organizations need to understand the threats they face to ensure operational resiliency.  “Awareness is key and having a trusted partner to provide guidance and the technology to protect data effectively and recover swiftly is critically important”, said Kevin Conlan, VP of Sales at NetX Information Systems, Inc.

The new landscape has become a challenge for all of our customers; therefore, we’re offering a free security and data protection assessment.  Together, we can ensure your organization remains operationally resilient no matter the threat. 

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