This free webinar will address the following concerns submitted by your peers:

  • How do we offer remote access to work or home machines from a remote location where users can register just by entering their email address on their work machine?
  • How do we offer remote access to multiple lab systems from any remote location where users can see only available systems and connect to them as required as if they were walking into the lab in person?
  • Must we invest in additional edge technology, new laptops, and other expensive hardware?
  • We need help with remote patch management of endpoints/servers, patch schedules and large scale imaging projects with SDA.
  • How do we manage privileges for new remote employees, manage firewall settings, customize user configurations, and remote in to devices?
  • How do we maintain a remote helpdesk experience that balances end-user expectations with the SLAs of your IT resources?
  • We need help with inventory management.
  • How do we secure *EDU PRICING*?
Tuesday, August 25th at 1 PM EST hosted by KACE & NetX

    Are you currently using a remote control/remote support tool? *

    If so what are you using?

    How are your remote workers currently accessing corporate resources?