Is Your Mail Data Protected in the Cloud?

Daniel Pilgrim, Director Infrastructure Solution at NetX Information Systems, Inc.

Migrating emails from on-prem to the cloud can be, a complicated extensive process. Emails from all parts of an organization as well as calendars, contacts, and tasks are included. If not done properly you can risk downtime, data loss, and disruption.

Systems or application mailboxes might include an email marketing platform, CRM, mobile apps, web apps, or an e-commerce platform.

With cyber security concerns more prevalent, some may say, “Well, we are already using Exchange Online or Gmail.” but having used these cloud options, is your data protected?

The Truth

Microsoft 0365 and Gmail Suite offer limited features for helping to manage data compliance needs and mitigating the risk of accidental data loss.

Without a comprehensive backup mail solution, there is limited control over data. You also face a higher risk of data retention policy gaps and regulatory non-compliance.

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Using the Right Third-Party SaaS Backup Solution

Things you may want to consider:

  • How many users do you need to protect?How many users do you need to protect?
  • Does the solution support all your products in your SaaS mail solution?
  • Retention? Most companies either need to retain or limit email data for compliance considerations.
  • Ease of use and manage
  • Total cost of protection

NetX Information Systems has over 25 years of experience in data protection, security, and compliance solutions. We will listen to your specific requirements and help craft the correct SaaS backup solution to solve your current and future needs.

You are welcome to speak to one of our sales team members to see how we can solve your email cloud protection needs.

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