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Cyren Inbox Security is an innovative solution that turns the tables on the phishers and safeguards each and every Office 365 mailbox in your organization against evasive phishing, business email compromise (BEC) and fraud.

  • Continuous monitoring and detection provide early exposure of evasive attack indicators and anomalies.
  • Automated response and remediation for individual mailboxes and across all mailboxes in the organization will take care of the heavy lifting.
  • Our unique crowd-sourced user detection closes the feedback loop on alerts, reinforcing your security training and providing valuable threat intelligence.

No One Knows More About Threat Detection Than Cyren

  • Cyren GlobalView, with a huge data footprint and analytics, enables effective threat detection for known threats
  • Detecting NEW malware or unknown threats – threats that have never been seen before – requires advanced threat detection. Zero day, files with modified signatures or no signature at all require advanced threat detection.
  • Cyren offers a fully automated, multi-vector threat analysis engine, the Cyren Sandbox. To ensure early and accurate detection, Cyren Sandbox automatically chooses from multiple detection techniques to analyze the threat and detonates the malware providing actionable threat intelligence to the threat analysts and SOC.

Fast And Accurate Threat Detection Begins With Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

Cyren GlobalView Threat Intelligence Cloud is bi-directional - it ingests data from Cyren Threat Engines and other sources then applies machine and human analytics to classify and transform data into actionable insights or threats. Cyren customers access threats through SDKs, APIs or Cyren enterprise SaaS applications.

NetX Cyren Cloud Email Security Services

Cyren sees more data - resulting in early and accurate detection of threats like phishing emails, malware in URLs and files and early indicators of virus outbreaks.

Cyren Threat Intelligence is selected by product managers, service providers, threat analysts, threat hunters and enterprise IT security.