In today’s data-driven world, data loss and downtime can be disastrous. Organizations must take proactive measures to protect operational resiliency in the face of threats like ransomware, IT complexity and simply, the unknown. To combat these threats, awareness is key—you need a resiliency strategy built on a foundation of knowledge and guidance from a dedicated data protection partner.

Cybercriminals inject malware into IT systems, seeking to delete or encrypt an organization’s data and demanding a ransom to recover. Whether the ransom is paid or not, recovery isn’t guaranteed without an effective resiliency strategy in place.
1. Ransomware


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Cost an estimated $20 billion globally
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Predictably occur every 11 seconds

Businesses often disconnect their networks to halt damage when attacked, but lost productivity and revenues aren’t the only costs.

16 Days

Average time to restore networks and recover from a ransomware attack.


Average per-attack business cost from:

  • Hardware repair and replacement
  • Lost revenues
  • Ransoms paid to cybercriminals
  • Damage to the company reputation
Organizations need to be resilient across increasingly diverse IT infrastructure, including on- and off-premises physical, virtual, hybrid and multicloud environments.
2. IT Complexity
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of cloud architects say almost half of their organization’s infrastructure is in the cloud

say their desired end state is to run most or all their organization’s applications on public cloud infrastructure

Modern IT systems are flexible and powerful, taking advantage of a broad range of hardware and software solutions. But this dynamic approach complicates day-to-day data management and protection. It can even take data out of your immediate control.

Despite the prevalence of cloud services, uncertainty remains around who’s responsible for maintaining cloud-based data and who’s liable for its integrity and recovery.


of cloud architects and administrators believe cloud data is backed up by the cloud provider, even though it isn’t true.

Some of the biggest threats to operational resiliency are unknowns that may have a destructive impact on IT systems.
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$300,000 Per Hour

An estimate of what downtime caused by manmade and natural IT disasters costs organizations


of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss don’t survive:

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never reopen
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close within two years

How do you prepare for the unknown and protect against threats like ransomware and increasing IT complexity?

Embolden your organization’s IT system against the unknown with a comprehensive strategy, including proactive data and infrastructure protection with the ability to detect system anomalies and ultimately recover when a threat cannot be avoided.

Fortify your organization by reducing IT surface and standardizing data management and protection with a platform approach.


FIdentify baseline behavior in your IT system and guarantee awareness of unexpected shifts with alerting and reporting capabilities.


Employ an automated, orchestrated recovery process supporting the entirety of your organization’s environments, and guarantee its reliability with comprehensive, routine testing.